I am Hawaii! I Live! It is my birthright to claim this very soil as mine! It's my roots! It's my soul! I refuse to deny who I am! I am "Kanaka Maoli!"

I am Hawaii! I Live! I am its people, the indigenous native Hawaiian. I am its language, its culture, its dance and its music. I am its spirit. I am its very heartbeat. I am "Kanaka Maoli."

I will not allow any one person to tell me otherwise. I am Hawaii! I Live! I am "Kanaka Maoli."

The Rice vs Cayetano's decision reminds me of Dirty Harry's indelible statement as he stood with his 357 Magnum cocked at the head of his foe and stated "Go ahead and make my day!" Ironically, upon the overthrown in 1893 the United States military, which supported the white American businessmen in their greed to obtain the Hawaiian Island's and its resources for themselves, stood with their rifles cocked edging my Queen and my people "Go ahead and make our day!" Then blatantly with cockiness stripped my Queen and my people of their dignity! And then, in the same breath, had the nerve to tell my kupuna to deny his and her Hawaiian heritage, to deny who they were! Bare facts are that the United States military acting as an agent of the United States Congress did brandish their rifles before my Queen and my people, deliberately removing its "Kanaka Maoli" governing body. It was an Act of War!

Now, the final ACT today is, for these same white American businessmen along with the aid of Rice and Barrett, and the help of the United States is to actually pull the trigger to Conquer and to Destroy! To annihilate the Hawaiian people, "Kanaka Maoli!" To annihilate ME!!!

I am Hawaii! I Live! I will not be conquered! I will not be destroyed!

If there is anyone who has a right to make a claim against the State of Hawaii, and against the United States, it is I, the indigenous people of these Hawaiian islands.

I am Hawaii! I Live!

E Ku'e Kakou!

Pualani Kamaunu

M. Pualani Kamaunu B.

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Ho`iho`i Mai