"Aloha" and "E komo mai" you hear so many ways,
"Hello with love" and "Welcome" the messages of the phrase.
You come from near and distant lands
and while you walk these island sands,
listen with your ears and with your heart,
Feel the words, then you might start
to see the pain and tears that hide
behind the smiles, held deep inside.

You'll hear the chants and legends old,
Through the song and the dance the story's told.
Know too the truth that threatens the tale,
This heritage was once placed for sale
Not by those who cherished their birthright,
But by treachery, threats and show of might
by those who stole the land for greed
and scorn for the Queen and her peoples' needs.

The pain is decades of humiliation
inflicted upon the Hawaiian nation.
Pele's flames grew dim, reduced to embers
by rivers of tears shed by those who remember
the lessons and legends taught through chant,
the traditional beauty of the ancient dance.
Heritage cherished and passed on with glory
to protect, preserve and continue this story.

The time is now for Hawaiian Rights.
Recognize the need to continue the fight.
Reach across time and extend your hand
in friendship and love to your fellow man.
Listen for the answers to the questions asked
with patience to right the sins of the past.
A Sovereign people will stand side to side
with America, in strength and Hawaiian pride.

Carole J. Kennedy-Borg,
June 2001.

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Ho`iho`i Mai