There's a responsibility in living on and owning land

Letter to the Editor
The Maui News
Thursday, February 24, 2005

It is sad to read in "Letters" Feb. 21, "U.S. built on allowing coexistence of different cultures" by John MacAfee. How ignorant and arrogant he is that after claiming to live on Molokai and insisting that as a "rich haole" (his own words, The Maui News, Feb. 16), he will do what he wants because it's the American way.

I have many haole friends who are ashamed of people like Mr. MacAfee, who makes them all look bad. That is far from the truth, because my "army" consists of many haole people who love Hawaii and the Hawaiian people and want to see Molokai, Maui and the other islands kept in the "Hawaiian lifestyle" with its fragile culture and aloha spirit. McAfee is a perfect example of what many people around the world think of as "ugly Americans."

I urge everyone who does not want to see this auction of over 1,000 acres take place, converge on Molokai on March 10 and meet at 9 a.m. at the Kakahaia Park in Kawela to protest the selling of this land to the highest bidder.

Charles Kauluwehi Maxwell Sr.

The following is what was left out of the letter that I sent to the Maui News Letters to the Editor Mr. Ron Youngblood.

"Mr. MacAfee must realize that some day he must face his maker and he will know where he will be spending eternity, in paradise or a very hot place, only his actions on earth will dictate his faith."

Uncle Charlie

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