Convalescent care a revelation at Hale Makua

Letter to the Editor
The Maui News
Sunday, July 30, 2006

After having been hospitalized for several days recently at Maui Memorial Medical Center, I was told by my doctor that I would be admitted to Hale Makua for constant care and medication. I was not happy because I had a misconception that it was a place of last resorts. How wrong I was.

In the first two days I found that the facility, personnel, nurses and therapist are the most caring people that I have ever met, and even the food was awesome. I was shocked at the quality of treatment that I received as I have never had this kind of care in any hospital on Maui, Oahu and even on the Mainland.

I was supposed to stay in for 10 days and tried my best to follow all medication that was given to me and worked particularly hard on my therapy. I actually got released in eight days and was even awarded a Certificate of Recognition for my completion of therapy at Hale Makua.

I have stayed in Maui Memorial and have received excellent treatment in Intensive Care on the fifth floor, but have received bad care from personnel who should take lessons from Hale Makua because they are tops in patient care.

Mahalo a nui loa to the nurses, therapist, doctors and everyone who kept my room clean throughout my stay. Mai-poina-iaĠu (I will never forget you).

Charles K. Maxwell Sr.

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