The story of cane burning and complaints never end

Letter to the Editor
The Maui News
Friday, November 25, 2005

Recently there have been letters to the editor about the burning of sugar cane in the central valley of Maui. Notice that these letters are people who have recently moved here and are not accustomed to our local lifestyle.

I suffer with chronic asthma and have taken medication since I was 4 years old. I am now a kupuna. As a young adult I worked in the cane fields on the ground, picking up cane that the tractors missed. Back then we called it kolili. I was also part of the crew that started the cane fires and lit back fires to control the burn.

Living in Pukalani, I get a phone call from HC&S when they burn and the possibility that the smoke will come in my direction. When that happens I drive to Kula. When the smoke clears, I come home. Plain and simple. Better yet, get an air-conditioner for your home.

Just imagine the cane fields in the central valley of Maui were gone and there were houses as far as your eyes could see. Now that would be something to get upset about.

Next time you move somewhere, check on what conditions you will face before coming. Just think about the places you left, like Los Angeles or other places on the Mainland where they have 24 hours of smog. Be thankful that you're in paradise and enjoy it for what it is. There is a local song that says "hele on bradda," and it means just that, leave this place if you're not happy.

Charles K. Maxwell Sr. Pukalani

Ho`iho`i Mai