Letter to the Editor
Honolulu Advertiser

The author of the letter "Concerning historic Hawaiian Citizens" is misinformed, confused or plain out of touch to the facts of Hawaiian History. I happen to belong to Senator Akaka's "Kanaka Maoli working group" and we spent three months of intense meetings to fashion the bill to fit the needs of our people. First of all this bill is not designed to restore the Monarchy and include the "3239 naturalized Hawaiian Citizens", under the former Kingdom of Hawaii. It is designed to recognize the aboriginal people who the United States of America recognized when they created the Hawaiian Homes Act of 1921. This Bill recognized the political obligation America has to the people who continuously lived on these islands for the last two thousand years. The Kanaka Maoli makes up the disproportionate rolls of the social ills in Hawaii today. The Akaka Bill is not for the descendants of the missionaries with the names of Thurstin-Twigg Smith, Alexander & Baldwin, the Carters, the ancestors of Freddie Rice and the list goes on.

Mr. FitzGerald, do not confuse our people. The Akaka Bill does not extinguish our rights to land and resources as Kanaka Maoli. With this bill, we will finally have a seat at the table whenever the destiny of Hawaii is discussed. We will have an equal status like the State Of Hawaii.

It is a historical fact that some of these "Naturalized Citizens" and their descendants "changed" the constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom, after Kamehameha I died, so that they could purchase land for the first time. Every King that ascended the thrown, was coerced by these "descendants" to change the constitution giving them more power. You of course heard of the "Bayonet Constitution" that King Kalakaua was forced to sign "under the gun". That is why Queen Liliuokalani was overthrown, because she was going to promulgate a new constitution.

That is why the facts have to be stated correctly so that our people can truly support the Akaka Bill because it is the right thing to do. No present "Hawaiian Nation or Sovereignty Group" is going to protect us from the U.S. Supreme Court decision of Rice/Cayetano now or in the near future. The United Nations are not going to insist that America return what was "taken". The Akaka Bill is the "foot in the door"; trust Lands, reparations and reconciliation will come after that.

Kahu Charles Kauluwehi Maxwell Sr.
Member, Senator Akaka's Kanaka Maoli working group
157 Alea Place, Pukalani, Maui Hawaii 96768
Phone: 808-572-8038

Ho`iho`i Mai