Kahu (Rev.) Charles Kauluwehi Maxwell Sr.

Uncle Charlie Kauluwehi Maxwell, Sr.



2 years Maui Community College, 1968, Police Science


Police Officer Maui, Molokai Police Department 15 years retired on disability injured in the line of duty.

First President of the A.L.O.H.A. Association (Aboriginal Lands of Hawaiian Ancestry). Tried to seek reparations for the illegal overthrow of Hawaii by the U.S. Government.

Organized the occupation of Kaho'olawe which was used for a target island, and helped stop the bombing. Island was returned to the State of Hawaii to be a living cultural center, and preservation of its aquatic species. Help set up guidelines for subsistence taking of fish based on ancient methods.

Responsible for stopping a shark irradiation in Lahaina in 1991 after the plantation manager's wife was fatally attacked by a tiger shark, on the bases that the shark was the "Aumakua" (personal god) to some Hawaiian families.

Ordained Hawaiian Priest

Hawaiian Spiritual Healer, cultural practitioner

Songwriter (Haku Mele) wrote and published several Hawaiian songs and chants.

Presently employed by the Maui Ocean Center as a Hawaiian Consultant, specifically to care for the sharks in captivity. (Whenever the animals are in stress, prayers are said and the curator and I decide if animal should go back into the ocean. We have release 14 tiger sharks so far. 1 is in captivity. Agreement worked out with Hawaiian community on keeping animals in captivity.

Radio Show Host on KNUI AM 900, "Talk Story with Uncle Charlie", Play Hawaiian Songs and Chants, tell stories of the past, talk about island issues, translate songs and dances. Listen to Uncle Charlie live at KNUIAM900.com every aloha Friday from 10 am - 12 noon.

Hawaiian Cultural Teacher

Presently teaching at the Maui Correctional Center, Hawaiian spirituality & Culture. Held classes at the Ritz Carlton Hotel to teach the 800 employees, how to "spiritually" except the presence of 2000 ancient hawaiian remains uncovered when the hotel was built. Held numerous classes throughout Hawaii on all aspects of Hawaiian Culture.

Hawaiian Cultural Lecturer

Lectures throughout the State Of Hawaii on the habits of sharks and how out ancestors co-existed with the animal. Lecture is targeted to divers and ocean users on how to co-exist with the sharks and their importance to the ocean. Also, the association the animal has to the rest of Polynesia. Also ancient peoples association to the Ahu Pua'a (ancient land division) and control of it resources within.



"Nana I Ke Kumu" Look to the Source, Maui Magazine October issue

The Kohola In Hawai'i, The whale in Hawaii, Published in the Honolulu Advertiser.

Featured in the Pacific Connections in-flight magazine for Hawaiian Airlines about Hawaiian spirituality as it relates to the Hawaiian culture.

Ho`iho`i Mai